Ksssshhhhhhhhhht….. need to phone home? What about listen to your favorite radio station or just ensure your UHF has maximum range there is an antenna for you!

Vehicle not starting in the morning cold? Get some Real Cold Cracking amps with a New Battery, from a basic “Just need it to run”, right through the Premium quality AGM, Deep cycle battery from Optima.

Don’t get stuck again! Get a dual battery system installed to not only keep your fridge running but ensure your vehicle starts every time, we’ve got you covered with the latest deep cycle battery charging technology from Redarc & Piranha

Going up the beach, concerned about rust? No need to stink out your pride & joy, Electronic rust prevention is the latest in Rust prevention, with systems ranging from basic prevention to an all-out eliminator.

Stepped in a puddle? Ensure your floor stays mud free with huge selection of carpet & rubber floor mats we have the one to suit your needs!

Missed the turn off getting to your last party or event, ensure you never miss a turn with Philips Head light upgrades, with a great range of Blue white lights to Just plain BRIGHT, lighting upgrades inside & out is what you need.

Wanna spot the roo’s before your bull bar does? We have a massive range of not only HID & Halogen Driving Lights but also the latest in LED Driving Light Technology.

Bat’s left a present on your shiny bonnet overnight? Get your hands on some of our great cleaning products from an extensive range of Wax, Polish, Wash, Leather protectant, Glass, we have it all proudly brought to you from Bowden’s Own & Mothers

Kid’s spilt lunch all over your seat? Get some protection or even a little extra comfort from our selection of seat covers, from universal cloth or wetsuit material, to tailor made Sheepskins!