Featured - Phone Kits & UHF Installations

BMW X3 Parrot CK3200 bluetooth phone kit install

VW Passat R36 reverse camera and phone kit installation onto factory screen

This is one of our most popular iphone cradle phone kits.

The cradle offers audio output, hardwired power or cigarette lighter adapter plug for do it your self fittment.

 DON'T GET CAUGHT' no more expensive fines!

Jeep Wrangler with a Parrot Mki-9100 Phone kit 

Fiscon Bluetooth phone kit with Voice Control

  • This Fiscon Bluetooth is the top of range model which has VOICE CONTROL functionality inbuilt.* Phone must support voice commands.

Hyundai IX35 2012, GME UHF CB Radio Installation with On Glass Aerial 

We hooked this Toyota FJ Cruiser with all the best lighting gear.